Sunday, October 18, 2009


One of my friends bought 2 recliners at a furniture liquidation sale. He needed help hauling the chairs back to his house since he drove his car (cargo room fail) into town. Guess who had the space for 2 reasonable-sized recliners? Nope, not KITT, the talking car, you idiot! Beulah, my caravan. I don't have the middle and back seats in my van in case something should go awry, so this was a simple load into the back of the van.

The delivery trip (140 miles one-way) was nice. It made me think about buying a CD receiver. Nobody likes a 16-year old cassette player.

Caravan odometer = 172,599 miles


Brian Brua said...

What happened to you Alpine CD Player?

Ben said...

It's in my room, collecting dust.