Saturday, August 24, 2013

Long Awaited Update

Maintenance log:

May 29: Fuel filter replaced

June 11: Starter rebuilt

Gas log:

May 29:  241.3 miles / 11.783 gallons = 20.48 mpg

July 8:  247.2 miles / 11.105 gallons = 22.26 mpg

August 24: 244.0 miles / 11.616 gallons = 21.01 mpg

Caravan odometer = 181,619 miles


Wesley said...

Just stumbled into your blog whilst searching around for photos of earlier model Caravan Sport vans. I've got a blue 92 Caravan SE, 3.0 v6, 3-speed transmission, 224k miles. Just got it back from the shop yesterday getting it painted. Looks nice (overall...there are some issues, but I'm also picky) also cost probably 1.5 to 2 times what the van is worth...but I love the old thing. I was debating what to do about wheel covers...mine has the 5-slot type...need to find at least one more to replace a cracked one...pondering whether or not I would like it with a set of wheels off of a Sport rather than the wheel covers I have now. They look good on the Sport versions, but I don't know how they would look on mine without all the other fancy trim. I'm also trying to sort out if that era Sport van had 14" or 15" wheels...mine is 14". Hope to see you keep posting! Assuming you still have the van...

Ben said...

My Sport Wagon rims: 15x6

Tires: P205/70R15

If you convert to the 15's, it might throw off your speedometer by 1-2 MPH (although your van will look much nicer, in my opinion).